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XAP Enrollment: By Qualification


GMRS operators can enroll with the Extended Access Programming by passing this quiz with an 80% or better. Please Provide your name, email address, and GMRS callsign, and upload a copy of your ARS and GMRS operator’s licenses for review.

Once your application has been reviewed, you will receive an enrollment invitation in your inbox from the XAP membership portal; so monitor your inbox and spam folders over the next few days.

Your Information

Upload a copy of your GMRS Operator’s license; PDF, JPG, or PNG file types are permitted. Direct upload, scan, or photos are acceptable.

Quiz Time!

Please study the contents of the following pages, and answer the following quiz questions. You will need to pass with 80% or higher to be granted access.

Reading material:

This quiz is open book; feel free to have the references open while you take it.

Self Attestation & Certification

By signing below, you attest that:

  1. You have completed the above quiz on your own merit, using the resources presented by the SWCRS.
  2. You attest that the above information provided is truthful, and that you are the licensee documented in this form.
  3. You attest that you have a direct physical connection to Arizona or New Mexico (such as residing in these states, owning property, or frequently visiting the area); you should not become a member if your only physical access to the system is via Zello.
  4. You agree that you will not use the SWCRS system for commercial or revenue-generating purposes.
  5. You agree that you will not share SWCRS programming information with others.