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National GMRS Net – Session 7

Session 7 of the National GMRS Net saw a total of 77 check-ins; the net was managed with a new spreadsheet that works very well in handling all the new people. Net control for the evening was David, WQVS960.

The topic of the evening was the Coronavirus; what are your thoughts, are you doing anything to prepare, and how many rolls of toilet paper do you have stocked up? Responses are logged below.

The net was live-streamed via YouTube, but due to operator error (Sorry!) Net Control audio was not recorded. Station traffic can still be heard, however. We’ll get it next time –


WQEJ577RichTrenton, NJ
WQEN679RichAntioch, ILNo traffic.
WQGT456JeffFriendship, WICorey for president!
WQJI810RussellTijeras, NMHave the virus *wink wink*
WQJV506PaulMilwaukee, WIDiarrhea is not a symptom! Santizers and bleach are good to clean with!
WQMP372TimRhinelander, WIAll good! Have beer and popcorn!
WQNM292ScottWaukesha, WI
WQQK383KevinStatesville, NC
WQVA593CoreyRacine, WI32 Positive cases in WI, one in County which cause panic. Stores are stripped, walmarts are closing to restock, bought a 24 pack and might get another! Dayton hamvention has been cancelled.
WQVG601MikeGary, INGood evening! Stores are a mess, can’t get groceries, schools closed which affects family, notable deviation issues (FM)
WQVS960DavidTucson, AZNet Control
WQVY669RyanSchereville, IN
WQYE931TawanMilwaukee, WINo Traffic!
WQYR748LeeDickinson, TXPracticing common sense! Business as usual
WQYU376KurtWoodstock, ILNo traffic.
WQYU559JerryOttowa, IL
WQYU931??WINo traffic!
WQZB946EddieGrundy, ILNo news
WQZW575DavidWaukegan, ILNo traffic!
WQZZ606JasonDeer Park, TX
WQZZ968DougBarrington, ILThanks Corey and rest of guys for doing a great job with repeater system. Thanks for supporting emails on deailing with health issues
WRAB672SteveKenosha, WI
WRAK606BillChappell Hill, TX
WRAR309MatthewEdgerton, WI
WRAS704ScottOklahoma City, OKKeeping comments to myself!
WRAX542BuddyGreencastle, INNo traffic!
WRAX620EdMilwaukee, WI
WRBV308KadenAlbuquerque, NM
WRBV327DaleWinston-Salem, NCNo traffic
WRCC710MontyAlbuquerque, NMStaying away from people and staying busy in the garage.
WRCC714BruceAlbuquerque, NMNo traffic!
WRCM330BobAntioch, ILPrepping for a long time, younger generation is interesting to watch approach slightest bit of trouble. State is closing down restaurants and bars; look for information
WRCN496CooperPlainfield, IN
WRCN926CedricBeaumont, TX
WRCQ487JayHobart, INSame thing mike said! No afterschool activities, shopping is rough
WRCS365DavidAlbuquerque, NMThanks for net!
WRCS823JohnAlvin, TX
WRCU527DarrenTucson, AZPlenty of TP! Concerned about panic, I just want a burger
WRCU852LeviGrants, NMAbq/Bernallilo, hearing a bill to change law for emergency powers of mayor. NM shooting sports foundations website for information. Allows mayor to limit sale of ammo, guns, liquor and shutdown business for viral purposes.
WRCV241GaryPearland, TX
WRCW750ThomasHammond, IN
WRCX237KevinMoriarti, NM
WRCZ417PaulAlbuquerque, NM
WRCZ497JeffGrants Park, IL
WRCZ558AaronTucson, AZDon’t understand the panic! Use santizers and wash hands!
WRCZ886BillRoundlake, ILNo traffic!
WRDA843ShaneSt. John, INAs a frequent costco shopper, was well set up with supplies! HMU for toilet paper
WRDB817DavidAlbuquerque, NM
WRDB817DavidAlbuquerque, NM
WRDE566TimIndianapolis, INDealing with the kids! Not much else has changed
WRDE566/2AndreaIndianapolis, IN
WRDK264JoeMinooka, IL
WRDS831JamesPlacitas, NMSame thing as usual! Tightening up, 13 cases in NM, might be closing casinos
WRDU235RobMontgomery, ILJust fine over here! Grocery stores are picked clean, doesn’t matter
WRDW443DonMilwaukee, WIEveryone needs to chill out!
WREE380BrettRio Rancho, NMWorks for school system fine (maintenance). Boss was on cruise, 14 day hold
WREI406AllanAlbuquerque, NM2009 H1N1 killed 12,000 in US alone, nobody freaked out then, what’s different?
WREL603??Alvin, TX
WREM305MarkAlbuquerque, NMNo traffic.
WREM430NickHamilton, NJNot much different, well prepared, no real effect. Went on with Kid’s birthday party, everything working out well
WREM501DonWilmington, ILSate of IL has locked down school until end of month, K-12 and Univ voluntarily as of Friday last week. Takes effect Monday, last Monday state of emergency. Today restaurants and bars are shut down! No repeaters in Dallas area.
WREN713RodOconomowoc, WINo traffic!
WREN806JohnFaribault, MNNo traffic.
WRES244GeorgeBaytown, TXWork at dealership, no preparation but stores are all gone! Dealership is handing out paper. Everyone is wearing gloves.
WREZ972JaredHouston, TXAll good! Use radios to protect yourself!
WRFC637DaveGalax, VA
WRFF557DanBaraboo, WI
WRFF680BrandonOxford, WI
WRFF723PaulMarana, AZFat dumb and happy! Hunkered down and not doing much!
WRFG912DeanTucson, AZComing in good!
WRFG930AndyAlbuquerque, NM
WRFH557DwayneAlbuquerque, NMGood to go! Hanging out in the mountains, new antenna
WRFI390ChrisWinston-Salem, NCNot too much going on at home; got some cleaning supplies. Good on rolls!
WRFI544DougMadison, WI