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National GMRS Net – Session 9

Session 9 of the National GMRS Net saw a total of 89 check ins. We structured the net a little differently this time, with a roll call followed by the round table. We expected the numbers to dip a bit as a result; but it seemed that the new structure seemd say that the whole thing seemed to go much more smoothly as a result.

The topic of the evening was: name the greatest act of kindness or the most bizarre behavior you’ve witnessed in the last two weeks. Responses are recorded below

The net was live-streamed via YouTube, as well as on the live audio stream. The recording can be accessed here:


WQVS960DavidTucson, AZ
WRCU527DarrenTucson, AZ
WRDR611JeffTucson, AZ
WRFE219MikeMarana, AZ
WRFL884DarroTucson, AZ
WQEN679RichAntioch, IL
WQWA590TimDurand, IL
WQZB946EddieGrundy, ILUsed Zello before
WRAL939VincentOak Forest, IL
WRBP334RodfordSycamore, IL
WRCM330BobAntioch, IL
WRCM330BobAntioch, ILUsed Zello with national organization, organizational tool – all other comms is RF
WRCV497JeffGrants Park, IL
WRDK264JoeMinooka, IL
WRDU235RobMontgomery, ILNo software used to make contact in lieu of regular radio, not planning on using it
WREM499AllenMorris, IL
WREM501DonWilmington, IL
WRFJ642KenSpringfield, IL
WRFJ980JeremyHomer Glen, IL
WRFM332ChrisPlainsfield, IL
WQVG601MikeGary, IN
WQVY669RyanSchereville, IN
WQYW692KevinMartinsville, IN
WRAX542BuddyGreencastle, INUsed a bit of everything; group has Zello for repeater owners, try not to make it an every day thing. Currently using it as a backup when you’re out of coverage
WRCN496CooperPlainfield, IN
WRCQ487JayHobart, IN
WRCQ487/3TylerHobart, IN
WRDA843ShaneSt. John, IN
WRDE566TimIndianapolis, IN
WRDE566/2AndreaIndianapolis, IN
WREY478JBIndianapolis, IN
WRFC721SteveValpariso, IN
WRFC721SteveINRadio up and running for the first time; first contact – sounds good Steve!
WREN806JohnFaribault, MN
WQTG303BradLouisville, NC
WRDQ608WilliamBeaufort, NC
WRFL315BrianWinston Salem, NCLots of statick, difficult copy
WQEJ577RichTrenton, NJ
WRAK968MikeLittle Egg Harbor, NJ
WQJI810RussellTijeras, NMOnly used Echolink, no other clients at this time
WQTU595DavidAlbuquerque, NM
WRAN487MikeAlbuquerque, NM
WRBV308KadenAlbuquerque, NM
WRCC710/BreetaBreetaAlbuquerque, NMNo Comment.
WRCC710/MontyMontyAlbuquerque, NMLikes the technology, have not used software clients yet. Also enjoying playing with radio equipment
WRCC714BruceAlbuquerque, NM
WRCX237KevinMoriarti, NM
WRCZ417PaulAlbuquerque, NM
WRDS831JamesPlacitas, NM
WREE380BrettRio Rancho, NM
WREI364MarkAlbuquerque, NM
WREI406AllanAlbuquerque, NMHave not used internet yet, open to it in the future – never say never
WREM305MarkAlbuquerque, NM
WRFG930AndyAlbuquerque, NM
WRFH557DwayneAlbuquerque, NM
WRAS704ScottSouix Falls, SD
WRAR671ShannonBasetown, TX
WRCN926CedricBeaumont, TX
WRCN933GregFriendswood, TX
WRCV341GaryPearland, TX
WREE678RobertHouston, TX
WRFC637DaveGalax, VA
WQJV506PaulMilwaukee, WIJust using a computer for internet listing to radio stations, rough copy
WQNM292ScottWaukesha, WI
WQOW374RickKenosha, WI
WQVA593CoreyRacine, WIZello used for MWGMRS backup link; internet still used for what we’re doing now. Coming back from tower visit
WQYE931TawanMilwaukee, WI
WQZJ767DougJanesville, WI
WRAB672SteveKenosha, WI
WRAQ304AlMilewaukee WI
WRAR309MatthewEdgerton, WI
WRAX620EdMilwaukee, WI
WRBQ942ChuckJainesville, WI
WRDW443DonMilwaukee, WI
WRDZ952JackWIUsed echolink the other day on the ham side, worked to keep in touch with buddy outside of cell range.
WREE344NathanRacine, WI
WREN713RodneyOconomowoc, WI
WRFF557DanBaraboo, WI
WRFF680BrandonOxford, WI
WRFI544DougMadison, WI
WRFK526RickNeosho, WI