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National GMRS Net – Session 10

The national GMRS net saw a total of 89 check-ins this evening.

The topic of the evening was suggested by Doug, WRFL449: etiquette and protocol for GMRS communications, how to introduce yourself, ask for others, join a conversation, etc; lets throw out some ideas, tips and advice for our newcomers. Thanks for the great topic Doug!

The recording from the session is available on our YouTube channel:


WQVS960DavidTucson, AZ
WRCU527DarrenTucson, AZSay double if someone doubles!
WRCZ558AaronTucson, AZ
WRDK713DaveTucson, AZ
WRFE219MikeMarana, AZRemember to listen! Starting to pick it up
WRFF723PaulMarana, AZNo Traffic
WRFL884DarroTucson, AZ
WQTD542BrentEvans, GA
WQYU376KurtWoodstock, ILListening in for the advice! Just found out what no traffic means
WQZB946EddieGrundy, IL
WQZW575DavidWaukegan, ILNo Traffic
WQZZ968DougBarrington, ILBe courteous and have fun!
WRAL939VincentOak Forest, IL
WRBP334RodfordSycamore, IL
WRCM330BobAntioch, ILRemember, we’ve all had a first day and learning curve! Cut some slack!
WRCV497JeffGrants Park, IL
WRCZ886BillRoundlake, IL
WRDK264JoeMinooka, IL
WRDU235RobMontgomery, IL
WREM499AllenMorris, ILFairly new and listening in!
WRFJ642KenSpring Grove, IL
WRFK892ChrisILRough copy
WRFL449DougPrairie Grove, ILThanks for the opportunity to chime in, respond to people who announce as listening/monitoring
WRFM332ChrisPlainsfield, IL
WQVG601MikeGary, INShow some courtesey for fellow ops, if someone is having a conversation don’t butt in the middle to ask for a radio check – comment on the subject matter, or wait until later! Dont take it too seriously!
WQVY669RyanSchereville, IN
WQYW692KevinMartinsville, IN
WQZR755RickMereville, IN
WRAN345WallyINJust listening, just got into it a little while ago with a few friends, 11m buddies introduced to ham radio, who introduced to GMRS
WRAX542BuddyGreencastle, INEngage in conversation when doing a radio check!
WRCN496CooperPlainfield, IN
WRCQ487JayHobart, INThanks for running the net, give gaps in the conversation for others to jump in!
WRCQ487/3TylerHobart, IN
WRCW750ThomasHammond, IN
WRDA843ShaneSt. John, INListening in for ideas, no traffic!
WRDE566TimIndianapolis, IN
WREY478JBIndianapolis, IN
WRFC721SteveValpariso, IN
WRFK894TimLowell, INFirst time Check
WQEN357ScottJacksonville, NC
WQTG303BradLouisville, NC
WRBV327DaleWinston-Salem, NCRemember the people looking after the repeaters, and things that go on in the background
WRDQ608WilliamBeaufort, NCGive and remember first names!
WREB947BobMooresville, NC
WRFL315BrianWinston Salem, NCJust learning things, how the net operations, meet new people, wish we could do it more!
WQEJ577RichTrenton, NJ
WRAK968MikeLittle Egg Harbor, NJ
WREM430NickHamilton, NJ
WQJI810RussellTijeras, NM
WRAB665MatthewBelen, NM
WRAN487MikeAlbuquerque, NM
WRBV308KadenAlbuquerque, NM
WRCC710/BreetaBreetaAlbuquerque, NM
WRCC710/MontyMontyAlbuquerque, NM
WRCS365DavidAlbuquerque, NM
WRCZ417PaulAlbuquerque, NM
WRDB817DavidAlbuquerque, NM
WRDY651WhitneyAlbuquerque, NM
WRDZ390MattRio Rancho, NM
WREE380BrettRio Rancho, NM
WREM305MarkAlbuquerque, NM
WRFG930AndyAlbuquerque, NM
WRFH557DwayneAlbuquerque, NM
WRAS704ScottSouix Falls, SD
WQLS991RandallHumble, TX
WQYR748LeeDickinson, TX
WRAR671ShannonBasetown, TXNo Traffic, Radio working better
WREE678RobertHouston, TX
WRFI782SteveHouston, TX
WQJV506PaulMilwaukee, WIAgree with all, use common courtesey, join in conversation!
WQNM292ScottWaukesha, WI
WQVA593CoreyRacine, WI
WRAB672SteveKenosha, WI
WRAQ304AlMilwaukee, WI
WRAX620EdMilwaukee, WI
WRBL826MikeWest Allis, WI
WRDZ952JackWIKind of new as well, from ham radio side, respond to radio checks! Good way to talk to people a few times about what they’re doing and why they’re doing it.
WREN713RodneyOconomowoc, WISmile for the mic!
WRFF557DanielBaraboo, WI
WRFF680BrandonOxford, WI
WRFI544DougMadison, WI
WRFK526RickNeosho, WIHave some scratch paper and and a pencil handy! Try to get the call and name
WRDR919MarkYoder, WY