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National GMRS Net – Session 11

The national GMRS net saw a total of 97 check-ins this evening. Net control for the evening was our own Darren, WRCU527 – thanks for doing a great job and taking the shift!

The topic of the evening was again suggested by Doug, WRFL449: In keeping with the themes for newcomers, what are you using GMRS for? Thanks again for the great topic Doug! Responses are logged below.

The recording from the session is available on our YouTube channel:


WQVS960DavidTucson, AZHaving fun building repeaters, tool to communicate with family
WQYU211JuanTucson, AZ
WRCU527DarrenTucson, AZNet control
WRDK713DaveTucson, AZHobby, Talking to wife
WRFE219MikeMarana, AZ
WRFL884DarroTucson, AZ
WRFQ335DustinEagar, AZ
WQND300ConnorHuntington Beach, CAReact group
WQTD542BrentEvans, GAHobby and family
WQYU376KurtWoodstock, IL
WQZB946EddieGrundy, IL
WQZW575DavidWaukegan, ILHobby use, and during lock down entertainment
WQZZ968DougBarrington, IL
WRAL939VincentOak Forest, ILEnjoy, its fun as a hobby. Met many friends and a distraction.
WRBP334RodfordSycamore, IL
WRCM330BobAntioch, IL
WRCV497JeffGrants Park, IL
WRDK264JoeMinooka, IL
WRDU235RobMontgomery, ILUse for comms where there is no cell in NC and Canada
WREM499AllenMorris, IL
WRFD949RichardLemont, IL
WRFL449DougPrairie Grove, ILGMRS when looking into ham radio. Heard traffic when ham exam was on hold
WQVG601MikeGary, IN
WQVY669RyanSchereville, IN
WQYW692KevinMartinsville, IN
WQZR755RickMereville, IN
WRAX542BuddyGreencastle, INHobby used at work and discovered repeaters
WRCN496CooperPlainfield, IN
WRCQ487JayHobart, IN
WRCQ487/3TylerHobart, IN
WRCW750ThomasHammond, IN
WRDA843ShaneSt. John, IN
WRDE566TimIndianapolis, IN
WRDE566/2AndreaIndianapolis, IN
WREY478JBIndianapolis, INlike most use at golf course at work stumbled into repeaters
WRFC721SteveValpariso, IN
WRFK894TimLowell, INnew to radio…static cant understand
WREN806JohnFaribault, MNLove the hobby looking to continue
WRDA414JasonNCGot into as hobby, amazing.
WQEJ577RichTrenton, NJ
WRAK968MikeLittle Egg Harbor, NJ
WREM430NickHamilton, NJ
WQJI810RussellTijeras, NM
WRAB665MatthewBelen, NMFamily into hot air balloning. Looking to get Ham license
WRAN487MikeAlbuquerque, NM
WRBM681RobAlbuquerque, NMHad a buddy in Jeep group and discovered repeaters
WRCC710/BreetaBreetaAlbuquerque, NM
WRCC710/MontyMontyAlbuquerque, NM
WRCC714BruceAlbuquerque, NM
WRCK831AdamAlbuquerque, NM
WRCX237KevinMoriarti, NM
WRDS831JamesPlacitas, NM
WRDY651WhitneyAlbuquerque, NM
WREC548JimRio Rancho, NMprospecting in backcountry
WREI364MarkAlbuquerque, NM
WREM305MarkAlbuquerque, NM
WRFG930AndyAlbuquerque, NM
WRFH557DwayneAlbuquerque, NM
WRFN434DominicRio Rancho, NMHobby, Jeep and camping. Thanks for repeater owners… Donate!
WRFA442BrandonHolland, PA
WQRL495GlennTrenton, SCOwner a repeater in Columbia, SC. Also a Ham Repeater but got it for communications with the family in case of issues. Was advised to get licensed for the family from a friend
WRBL666PhilModak, SCVery new to GMRS, using it to learn about GMRS, learning about linked repeaters. Looking to use it for family contact
WQYR748LeeDickinson, TX
WRAI770KennyCrosby, TX
WRAI914SteveHouston, TXuse to stay in touch with wife running errands – safety
WRCN926CedricBeaumont, TX
WRCS823JohnAlvin, TXGMRS as an add on to Amatuer radio. Galveston Emergency to use
WRDF640LarryDickinson, TX
WRDW976OmarHouston, TXHobby. Scanners and radio since he was achild
WREE678RobertHouston, TX
WRFI782SteveHouston, TX
WRFQ344DavidBaytown, TXHobby, back in day CB better than CB and cheaper. Enjoy repeaters
WQGT456JeffFriendship, WI
WQJV506PaulMilwaukee, WIHobby. Miller Valley HAM club plugged net and 462.700 local hub
WQMP372TimRhinelander, WIThanks for net…QRM
WQNM292ScottWaukesha, WI
WQOW374RickKenosha, WI
WQVA593CoreyRacine, WI
WQYE931TawanMilwaukee, WI
WRAB672SteveKenosha, WI
WRAQ304AlMilewaukee WI
WRAX620EdMilwaukee, WI
WRBR919TomSun Prarie, WI
WRDW443DonMilwaukee, WIAs veteran, it helps with PTSD and helps communicate with family
WREN713RodOconomowoc, WIExcellent job! Use as hobby and set up repeater. Communicate with wife…cheap to use. Nice people
WRFF557DanBaraboo, WI
WRFI544DougMadison, WI
WRFK526RickNeosho, WIGot into GMRS since cell service sucks. Love to chat
WRFK796DaveWIBought bubble pack radios for camping.
WRFK885GeorgeWaterford, WINew to hobby. Radio repair in Navy