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National GMRS Net – Session 12

The national GMRS net saw a total of 102 check-ins this evening. Net control for the evening was David, WQVS960.

The topic of the evening was again suggested by Matt, WRAB662: Whenever your town, city or state opens up, what restaurant do you look forward to visiting the most and what are you going to order? Thanks for the great topic, Matt. Responses are logged below.

The recording from the session is available on our YouTube channel:


WQVS960DavidTucson, AZ
WQXE928BillTucson, AZ
WRCU527DarrenTucson, AZ
WRFE219MikeMarana, AZ
WRFL884DarroTucson, AZ
WRFP419AlanTucson, AZ
WRFQ335DustinEagar, AZ
WQND300ConnorHuntington Beach, CAWeinerschnitzels from German Restaurant
WRFL821DarrellTampa, FL
WQTD542BrentEvans, GAAnything sitting down vs. eating at home!
WQWI960JustinAugusta, GA
WQWA590TimDurand, IL
WQYU376KurtWoodstock, IL
WQZB946EddieGrundy, IL
WQZW575DavidWaukegan, ILRediscovered my cooking skills; inviting more people over first!
WRAL939VincentOak Forest, ILLocal steakhouse, want to go have a big fat steak
WRBP334RockfordSycamore, IL
WRCM330BobAntioch, IL
WRCZ886BillRoundlake, ILHome cooking! Staying out of the restaurants
WRDK264JoeMinooka, IL
WRDU235RobMontgomery, ILWhere to start! Chicken beeriani, indian food, something spicy! BWW or Chili’s
WREM499AllenMorris, ILRestaurant burned down with great Cajun Food; need something like that again
WREM501DonWilmington, IL
WRFJ642KenSpring Grove, ILCheeseburger, Cold Beer, herner’s hideway
WRFL209ToddPlano, IL
WRFL449DougPrairie Grove, ILPablo’s Family Fiesta; opened a couple weeks before the shutdown
WRFQ535FerdiBolingbook, IL
WRFQ969MattMcHenry, IL
WRFR244BrentSherwood, IL
WRFR502ArtieNaperville, IL
WQVG601MikeGary, IN
WQVG601MikeGary, IN
WQVY669RyanSchereville, INLocal dunkin donuts and coffee in the morning!
WQYW692KevinMartinsville, IN
WRAX542BuddyGreencastle, IN
WRCN496CooperPlainfield, IN
WRDA843ShaneSt. John, INTorn between for all kind of breakfast food or hitting a five guys for a greasy burger
WRDE566TimIndianapolis, IN
WRDE566/2AndreaIndianapolis, IN
WREY478JBIndianapolis, INDont eat out a whole lot, but looking to support the businesses. End to cattle line at Lowe’s and HD
WRFC721SteveValpariso, IN
WREN806JohnFaribault, MNNot really looking forward to restaurants
WQTG303BradLewisville, NCLucille’s in Fort Worth Texas
WQEJ577RichTrenton, NJ
WRAK968MikeLittle Egg Harbor, NJ
WREM430NickHamilton, NJNice juicy steak along with lobster tail
WQJI810RussellTijeras, NMNot big on going out, got some new recipes, feel bad for all the restaurants
WQTU995DavidAlbuquerque, NM
WRAB665MatthewBelen, NMSakura sushi restaurant, only open a few months before it all hit, want to support them. Most looking forward to CJ’s – best burger in the world
WRAN487MikeAlbuquerque, NMDraw between casino snackbar, or a yogurt place: OLO
WRBV308KadenAlbuquerque, NM
WRCC710/MontyMontyAlbuquerque, NM
WRCC714BruceAlbuquerque, NM
WRCU852LeviGrants, NM
WRCX237KevinMoriarti, NM
WRDB817DavidAlbuquerque, NMBlake’s lotaburger (still open!) Green Chili cheeseburger. Good breakfast burrito’s as well. Family keeps arguing about dinner!
WRDS831JamesPlacitas, NMSteak dinner at longhorn!
WRDY651/EllenEllenAlbuquerque, NMGreen chillies we dont have to cook.
WRDY651/WhitneyWhitneyAlbuquerque, NMGreen chillies we dont have to cook
WREE380BrettRio Rancho, NM
WRFG930AndyAlbuquerque, NM
WRFH557DwayneAlbuquerque, NMDont go out much, bunkering in and eating homeade guac
WRFN434DominicRio Rancho, NMFull skip brewery up the balcony for nice cold beer and warm burger
WRFR533JessieAlbuquerque, NM
WRFA442BrandonHolland, PA
WRAS704ScottSouix Falls, SD
WRAI914SteveHouston, TXAny high end restaurant with chateau boulion or caviar!
WRCN926CedricBeaumont, TX
WRCN933GregFriendswood, TX
WRCS823JohnAlvin, TX
WREE678RobertHouston, TX
WRFI782SteveHouston, TX
WRFQ344DavidBaytown, TXRunning out the door like forest gump to the nearest steak house for a ribeye and mashed potatos
WRFC637DaveGalax, VA
WQJV506PaulMilwaukee, WITaco tuesday! Once in a while venturing out to McDonalds, BK for coffee and sandwich. Limited with what he can make at home
WQNM292ScottWaukesha, WI
WQOW374RickKenosha, WI
WQQD868RichEagle, WI
WQVA593CoreyRacine, WI
WQYE931TawanMilwaukee, WI
WQYV879DwayneKenosha, WI
WRAB672SteveKenosha, WI
WRAR309MatthewEdgerton, WI
WRAX620EdMilwaukee, WI
WRBR919TomSun Prarie, WI
WRDW443DonMilwaukee, WI
WRDZ952JackWILooking to get out for beer and wings at any bar!
WREN713RodOconomowoc, WIDon’t eat out a lot, old bar 100+ years that does a great fish fry for $4.99
WRFF557DanBaraboo, WIKick off summer to local supper club outside lake Dalton
WRFF680BrandonOxford, WIProbably some to ??? and portage for good steak. Eating out more than usual now with the shutdown
WRFK512CoryNew Burlan, WI
WRFK526RickNeosho, WIOn the rocks bar and grill, and La Cantina just opened. Tired of cleaning up afterwards, anything is fine
WRFK796DaveWIBar called Head End with good pizza and burgers… and ice cold Spotted Cow beer
WRFK885GeorgeWaterford, WI