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National GMRS Net: May 31, 2020

The National GMRS Net saw a total of 57 round-table participants and a composite total of 98 check-ins this evening for all nets. Net control for the evening was Dom, WRFN434 with the New Mexico GMRS group. Thanks for running the net and being the guinea pig on the new system – way to roll with the punches!

This evening was the first session trying out the new format which passes national net check-ins through a collaboration of regional nets so that the national net can kick off directly into the round table. This caused confusion for some not expecting this change, we apologize for that, however the system itself worked remarkably well other than a brief glitch with compiling the national net list which was resolved on the spot.

In reviewing the logs and recording of all nets, the outcome was a success: we had a record number of stations participating in the national round table discussion, we managed a similar number of total check ins compared to the prior national-only net, navigated two topics of discussion instead of one (regional and national), and manged to do all this in half the time. This is a dramatic improvement in efficiency in regards to managing useful traffic, especially when considering this was the first time trying out the new system. We will be continuing onward with this format as its working as intended, and expect the learning curve for our users to be relatively brief – thanks for bearing with us; please take a minute to read up on the net’s page which has all the information on how to check in and how it’s intended to operate:

The topic of the evening: Are you using GMRS for simplex operation, and how? Listen in to the recording for feedback; note that silences between transmissions have been removed so it is not a time-accurate recording, but is more efficient to listen to.

The recording from the session is also available on the myGMRS youtube channel:

The audio recording can be listened to here:


WQTD542BrentGAuse for vac car to car
WRFX952EricGAmostly repeater use
WQUY536PatrickILnot much simplex used
WQZB946EddieILSimplex car to car otherwise repeater
WRAL939VinceILNo simplex used
WRFJ642KenILmotor sports and snowmobiles
WRFR502ArtieILrepeater use only
WRFR912JustinILsimplex coms for family between house and work car to car
WQSK928SteveINsome simplex mushroom hunting as a family
WQYW692KevinINcamping car to car price comparing when
WRAX542BuddyINgroups get together car to car tower climbing
WRFC721SteveINbase and mobile
WREN806JonMNsimplex car to cat out at state fair to keep in touch
WQTG303BradNCtraveling in carolinas in valleys and hills
WRDH368Terry NE
WQEJ577RichNJcar to car motorola dlr radios
WQJI810RussellNMhunting fishing family activity outdoors
WRAB665MattNMcar trips hot air balloning ground coms
WRCV353PatNYremote control vehicle coms with pit crew
WRCS823JohnTXdrone emergency hurricane season close comms
WQNM292ScottWIanything you can think of parks comms at fair car to car house to house
WQVA593CoreyWIsimplex 20 mile from house to not hold up repeater tower sites hunting camping
WQZT494RomanWIsecond license bike to bike comms in crowds easier than cell car to car
WRDW443DonWIclose transmissions
WREN713RodWIcamping, portable tv dish setup car to car
WRFW994BenWInot used it much