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Tucson 550 Back Online & Planned Lemmon 650 Outage

Tucson 550 Repeater Online

The Tucson 550 repeater is back online after a power supply failure on the Motorola MTR2000 repeater that was running it. A temporary repeater, a Kenwood TKR850, has been brought into service – please note that power output has been set to half of what this repeater normally runs at to provide a margin of safety given the hot weather.

We’re working on a replacement power supply. Once this is sourced it will be back online at full power.

Lemmon 650 Planned Outage

Yup, you read that right. We will be taking the Marana 650 repeater offline starting some time on Wednesday, July 15. This is to prepare the equipment for relocation to its new site on Mt. Lemmon. The relocation will occur in two phases planned as follows:

Phase one: All equipment is relocated and installed at its new site. Integration and troubleshooting will be an active part of this phase as we learn the characteristics of its new site. The system will be brought online with a temporary antenna installed on top of the equipment building at approximately 12′ above grade level. We expect good coverage with this arrangement, but given the low elevation above grade it will be more limited than what the final installation will provide.

Phase two: A certified tower climber will install a permanent antenna and feed-line on the site’s tower at a height of approximately 80′ above grade level. As a followup visit; we may also use this opportunity to iron out any hardware bugs found in operation in phase one.

Thanks for bearing with us while we get this taken care of; this plan has been months in the works now and I’m very excited about the move and looking forward to the substantial boost in coverage that we expect this to provide.


David Adriaanse, WQVS960