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Lemmon 650 is Online

Lemmon 650 is Online

The Lemmon 650 repeater is now online and operational atop its site on Radio Ridge, Mt. Lemmon. The repeater is currently in phase one of its full implementation, where all equipment has been brought up and made operational utilizing a temporary antenna at approximately 23 feet above grade.

Phase two of the project is expected to be completed soon. This work will include mounting a permanent antenna and feed-line at the full height on the tower (approximately 70 feet above grade). Materials for this phase have already been procured and are staged at the site; we are coordinating with the site owner and the tower climber to determine when this work can be best completed.

The repeater’s page has been updated with current propagation maps and other access information: LEMMON 650 Access Information


David Adriaanse, WQVS960