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Guthrie 600 : Now Online!

Hoisting the antenna mounting bracket into place


Tucson GMRS Assoc.

  1. Bill S. (WQXE928 / KG7HHG)
  2. Darren C. (WRCU527 / K7VLL)
  3. David A. (WQVS960 / K6DSA)


The ‘Small Screw’ from Tucson GMRS ascended Guthrie Peak this past Saturday and performed work needed to bring the Guthrie 600 machine online; a huge thank you to the supporters that contributed to this machine! You know who you are, and you all helped make this machine a possibility. Guthrie 600 augments several blind spots between the Jacks Peak, Alpine and Heliograph machines, providing coverage in Clifton/Morenci, the Gila Box Riparean Area, Safford, Pima, Duncan, and other nearby areas.

The repeater install went smooth despite winds and chilly temperatures, however an issue with the repeater’s antenna was discovered that is introducing noise on received signals. A replacement antenna has already been procured and will be swapped in the near future. In the meantime, the machine is on the air and plenty usable, but you may have crackle noise on your signal. So it’s not fully dialed in yet; but it’s not uncommon for these things to take a few trips to chase all the gremlins out.

If you’d like to support future repeater projects and help the general operation of this group and the system it maintains, please consider donating!


Completed Work

  1. Installed, tuned, and integrated Guthrie 600 repeater equipment, feed-line and antenna.
  2. Diagnosed antenna problem.

Future Work

  1. Replace faulty antenna.