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SWCRS ’22 Traffic Survey Results

Results from the ’22 traffic survey are now available for download:


For the most part, traffic levels on the network are acceptable, however almost 40% of users preferred to re-arrange the link in some way, shape, or form. Given the ongoing new-user registrations we continue to have, we expect this sentiment to grow over the coming months. Overall, a vast majority of users have access to DTMF capable radios, and a vast majority of users supported the use of Zello on the system.

Based on the results and comments provided; the SWCRS team will be investigating a few alternative linking arrangements over the next few weeks as a comparison to the baseline of having everything linked all the time. Once a linking configuration is selected; the following implementations and adjustments will be made:

  1. Daytime linking arrangements which reduce the overall traffic by splitting the link into discreet coverage zones to accommodate users needing to use the link for practical purposes, and cut down on the total “kerchunks” and other types of interference.
  2. Night-time linking will fall back to the full coverage area to accommodate the social aspects of the group.
  3. The majority of users have access to keypad-enabled radios, the system will set up DTMF commands to allow users to over-ride the daytime linking configuration for their current repeater at will. The SWCRS will provide better educational and reference materials to improve the awareness and understanding of these commands once implemented.
  4. Depending on the daytime arrangement, additional Zello gateways will be brought online for selective access.
  5. the SWCRS will continue to develop single-frequency voter/simulcast projects in the Tucson and Albuquerque areas and will implement these for new repeaters under its ownership that would cover the Phoenix area as well.