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Coming Soon: SWCRS’ First DMR Repeater

We’re working on putting up an Amateur Radio DMR repeater in the northwest side of Tucson. This machine will be available to amateur radio operators and linked to the SWCR’s very own 527 talk group on the TGIF network. We’re currently working on frequency coordination, a possible frequency pair will be output on 445.150Mhz with -5.0Mhz offset, using Color Code 1

Time Slot 1 will be statically linked to the 527 talk group, and Time Slot 2 will be open to any other talk group on TGIF as-keyed.

If you’re a ham with a DMR hot spot; join us on Talk Group 527 on TGIF! It’s yet another great place to sidebar conversations from the main line and talk shop.