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Lemmon 650 Tower Failure

View from the site’s webcam on February 22, 2023. Collapsed tower on the bottom right.

The Mt. Lemmon site for the Lemmon 650 simulcast system is currently offline due to a tower failure, a result from overnight winter storms bringing high winds and ice to the summit. While the Mt. Lemmon site is the main transmit/voting site for the repeater, as it’s part of is a single-frequency multi-transmitter (simulcast) system, the remaining sites in Dove Mountain and Continental Ranch remain online. The northwest side of Tucson remains covered, and the repeater remains usable in some parts of the Tucson metro area. We’re going to be working with the site owner to help clean things up, and hopefully get a new tower on the air.

We’ve patched the Tucson 550 back on the main link to restore coverage in the area as much as possible in the meantime.

This is the second tower failure that has hit us this winter; Lemmon’s incident follows Jacks Peak which collapsed earlier this year: Jacks Peak 625 Tower Failure. Let’s hope better weather and luck is in order!