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SWCRS Granted Amateur Club Station Callsign

The ARRL and FCC have granted us an Amateur Club Station Callsign; coordinated amateur activities involving the SWCRS will use the call sign:


Why did we get an Amateur club callsign?

  1. Because we can!
  2. We’re making it a point to branch out more; there’s a lot of SWCRS users who are also hams, and this gives us another tool to coordinate and operate under for group activities.
  3. It gives us an outreach and educational tool to help promote the GMRS to hams, and vice-versa, promote amateur radio to GMRS operators. We love radio regardless of what it’s called!

If you’re a fellow ham; try out our new DMR machine in Northwest Tucson, or join us on Talk Group 527 on the TGIF DMR network.