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Jacks Peak Standing Tall!

We’re happy to report that the replacement tower at Jacks Peak is up and running! Site owner Summit Communications from Safford worked with Tucson based firms Wallen Communications for construction and M3 for engineering and design services. The original tower had fallen during last winter’s snow storm, after a guy anchor had failed and pulled out of the ground: Jacks Peak 625 Tower Failure

The replacement tower is a Rohn 65 series with a total height of 100′, featuring a substantially stronger cross section than the original tower, capable of carrying more load. The Jacks Peak GMRS repeater was cut over from its temporary antenna on the building to a new master receive antenna and combiner, and should be working better towards Silver City and other fringe areas.

A huge thanks to Joe K7JEM / WRQI799 and Larry N5BG / WRJM993 and everyone else involved for the hard work in getting this done; it’s in perfect time for winter, and we’re excited about our machine’s new home on the mountain. Thanks for all you do!

Photos courtesy of Larry N5BG.