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Pinal 675 : PTT-ID Requirements Active

Use of PTT ID is hereby authorized by the SWCRS for the Pinal 675 repeater.

The PTT-ID system has been activated on the Pinal repeater to combat malicious interference that’s been creeping up over the past month or so. With this system, you will need to configure your radio to automatically send a DTMF or MDC1200 code with the code given in your profile on this website (scroll to the bottom of your profile).

The four digit code given in your profile must be transmitted at the beginning of every transmission (“BOT“) for radios intending to use this repeater; MDC1200 is supported by many modern-ish commercial radios, and DTMF PTT ID / ANI ID is supported by all commercial radio gear and a good number of the common Chinese import radios (Btech, Baofeng, Retevis, Wouxun, etc.).

Unfortunately not every GMRS radio that is repeater capable will support PTT ID transmission (such as Midland), so we hope this is a temporary measure while the malicious interest dies down. Your PTT ID code is unique to you and you alone; do not share this number with anyone outside of your license – PTT ID codes engaging in malicious operation will be blocked permanently and associated memberships may be revoked upon review. We may at times sporadically disable this system to gauge if misuse is still a problem or not over time.

10 thoughts on “Pinal 675 : PTT-ID Requirements Active”

  1. I been having issues trying to set this up I got a Ani ID setup and the ptt ID set to BOT but the repeater is not lighting up red when I Transmit like the repeater isn’t hearing my communication… not sure what I have done wrong I have set my Ptt ID number se people can hear me but the people I can hear they can’t hear me

    1. This is likely programming related, if you have another radio you can use to listen to your own transmission, you should hear either DTMF or an MDC squawk immediately after you press the PTT

  2. I looked under my member profile and there is no 4 digit MDC / DTMF code to use. I emailed the admins about this. I definitely miss checking in with this repeater.

    1. It looks like you registered today; you’ll get assigned a number with the next update cycle in a day or two

  3. interesting. just found this out today. hang in there everyone im sure it will get worked out with any issues. Just remember we dont own the system. too bad a few bad apples have to ruin it for us all by forcing swcrs to have to do this.

  4. Thanks Dave I seem to have got it to work. Just need to program my other radio.


  5. Excuse me for my ignorance with this but does anyone have any screenshots or instructions on what this would like for programming a Boafeng handheld with CHIRP. I have my 4 digit PTT ID from SWCRS just need help with some programming.

    I found the section in my radio setting in CHIRP where it asks for a ANI Code (my radio had one in it already). There is also a dropdown below that asks for ANI ID and gives you option of off, BOT, EOT and Both. Like I mentioned I’m a newby to this and sure could use some help.


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