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System Update : Degraded Repeaters

The below repeaters are currently in a degraded state, due to various mountaintop issues:

  • Pinal 675 : This repeater is in off-network standalone mode as we’ve lost its connection to our network. The current suspicion is the LTE modem on which it operates is offline, but we can’t get to site for a while until the snow clears.
    • Update 3/7/24: The LTE modem came back online a few days ago on its own, it initially had a lot of packet loss but seems to have recovered; so good to go…. for now.
  • Guthrie 600 : This repeater is also in off-network standalone mode as the site took a lightning strike about a week ago. It seems a router on site might be causing some issues, there’s folks working on it – we suspect it’ll come back on the network soon, it’s in good hands.
    • Update 3/7/24: The router and fiber bridge at the building have been replaced; huge thanks to Joe K7JEM / WRQI799 and Larry N5BG / WRJM993 for the assist!
  • Pecos 550 : This repeater is fully offline, as is the microwave back-haul gear. We suspect a portion of the solar charging setup has had some sort of failure; we won’t be able to tell until the snow clears as the site is difficult to get to.

Repeaters that are in standalone off-network mode remain usable for local traffic; they’re just not linked

Remember that traveling to these sites and repairs are done by volunteers for which this is a hobby too. We have families and careers to stay on top of; so we can’t always spring into action at the drop of a hat. There’s often costs involved – just fuel if we’re lucky; it takes hours of driving to get to these places, and hours to get back too. If the issue takes more than a reset, there’s usually hardware costs involved as well. If you’re able to; please remember to Donate to the SWCRS!