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Alpine 725 Upgrade


  • WQJI810/1 – Sarajean
  • WQJI810/2 – Russ
  • WQJI810/3 – Colton
  • WQJI810/4 – Evan
  • WQVS960/1 – David
  • WQVS960/3 – Owen
  • WQVS960/4 – Ames
  • WRKC705 – Lance
  • WRJR618 – Brian


The Alpine 725 antenna system has been upgraded from a unity gain fiberglass antenna to a more appropriately sized Andrew DB420, boasting a large capture area and 11.3 dBi of gain. The upgrade required reinforcing the supporting walls of the building, and the team also installed two additional masts for a future antenna racking system.

While on-site, the crew also relocated the 2M EAARS repeater and 70CM JPARA repeater, along with an APRS digipeater, into new equipment racks. They also took the opportunity to clean up a few other odds and ends.

This upgrade significantly improves coverage in the general area, including routes between Alpine and Springerville, Morenci, Mule Creek, and Datil.

Special thanks to Scott K7SRS and Will WRDN297 for helping us maintain this great site!

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