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Thank You!

Well it’s that time of year to be thankful for what we have all been through.

It was just twelve months ago when I stumbled onto a GMRS frequency with an announcement as opposed to an eager child making contact with a nearby friend or sibling. Wow, signs of intelligent life?

Over that last 12 months, I’ve met dozens of new people on a simple band with arguably 8 frequencies, linked short and far.

Thank you for participating in the most growing movement I’ve ever been part of… Thanks for allowing me to read the letters and numbers, waiting for your comments on the regional, national, and technical nets.

Thanks to those who have contributed, continue to contribute, and most importantly, plan to. Tucson GMRS is now formally a 501(c)(3) public charity; help us grow! This group would not be what it is today without the help of those who continue to participate in and support it.

Thank you David WQVS960, from all of us… Somehow you managed to bring us all closer!

–Darren WRCU527