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Guthrie 600: Antenna Replaced.

New DB-411 up and running.


Tucson GMRS Assoc.

  1. the 960 Family (David, Beth, Owen & Ames)


The faulty antenna on the Guthrie Peak repeater has been replaced; an initial disassembly of the faulty antenna revealed what appeared to be a loose element on the inside of the fiberglass radome. The replacement antenna was installed this Saturday and consists of a new Andrew DB-411 folded dipole array that seems to be working much better. This should clear up the crackle users of this repeater have been hearing since its installation in January, and also squeezes in a few more decibels gain (the Andrew DB-411 is advertised at 11.1dBi vs. 7.4 dBi on the Decibel ASP-702 that was removed)

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Completed Work

  1. Replaced faulty antenna

Future Work

  1. None planned until needed