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Daylight Savings : Net Times

Mark your calendars! Daylight savings kicks in on March 10, 2024 this year – our nets are always on “New Mexico Time.” If you are in Arizona, starting next Sunday, nets will begin one hour earlier as New Mexico observes Daylight Savings Time whereas Arizona does not. As follows:

NameArizona TimeNew Mexico TimeDescription
Southwest Regional Net
Sunday @ 4:00 PM MST
Earlies at 3:30 PM MST
Sunday @ 5:00 PM MDT
Earlies at 4:30 PM MDT
The weekly cattle call for… whatever! Check in, make yourself heard, and chime in on whatever topic net control throws out
Tech Net
Wednesday @ 6:00 PM MSTWednesday @ 7:00PM MDTBring your radio questions to the tech net and have them discussed by the group; this net is available to anyone with questions on radios, antennas, grounding practices, operating practices, repeaters, anything radio oriented goes!
Kids Net
Tuesdays @ 5:00PM MSTTuesdays @ 6:00PM MDTRan by kids for kids! Get your young ones on the air and interested in radio!
Southwest Winlink Net
Amateur Radio
Saturday to Sunday, 6:00PM MST to 6:00PM MSTSaturday to Sunday, 7:00PM MST to 7:00PM MSTMessage based net using winlink; send a winlink message to K6DSA to be added to the distribution list.