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Winlink Network Information

Cory K7RRR / WRXR306 has put together a write-up for the SWCRS Winlink Network; for more information on our growing ystem see: SWCRS Winlink Network

Winlink allows for email-like messaging capabilities over the air with attachments, transmitted over the air via the high-speed VARA protocol. We are working on putting together a system that covers portions of the southwest without being reliant on the internet. If you’d like to participate in our weekly net, please send a Winlink message to K6DSA to be added to the distribution.

More information on the SWCRS Winlink Net is available on our Nets page.

1 thought on “Winlink Network Information”

  1. Thanks Cory, very concise and I appreciate the links. Now, to just get my station going…

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